Enterprise Training

2021-09-29 450

Last week our company held a training on "how to improve team execution". The training was held in the conference room of our company, and the participants included the general manager and middle and senior management personnel of each department.


The training content mainly centers on the following five points: 1 responsibility thinking, 2 results thinking, 3 Wolf thinking, 4 high standards and strict requirements of the management concept, 5 grateful heart. To improve the execution of the team, the manager must lead by example, take 100% responsibility and get the results without any deduction. As a manager, what you emphasize is the focus of the team and the results of the enterprise. Establish a reasonable elimination and promotion mechanism within the enterprise, and formulate the cultivation and development mechanism of talents. If you want to be the first in the industry, first pull the standard to the first in the industry, the standard determines the level, so everything to the first as the goal. Finally, I hope that every employee is full of gratitude to their families and enterprises, which is the driving force of life struggle.


Every employee who receives the training benefits a lot. This is a meaningful and valuable training, which adds more motivation for future development of our company