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S.U.P Hardware series features CAD optimized and artistic design with simple and beautiful appearance, reasonable function and structure, durable performance. in terms of production, the company controls the quality strictly following the ISO9002 management system.
Strictly select raw materials, the following materials are mainly used according to the appearance and function. The embryos are processed with most advanced surface treatment technology.
  1.Stainless steel---Mainly AISI 304 class stainless steel, the surface can be polished into mirror, TIN or PVD or other vacuum films can be coated on the mirror surface, or make stainless steel into diversified texture, and the surface can be coated with paint into different colors.
  2.Brass---Directly for polishing, the product itself features the functions of sterilizing and restraining bacteria , the surface can be protected with transparent coating for preventing oxidation. Additionally, the surface of copper is also electroplated with different materials, including polished chrome, satin chrome, satin nickel, titanium and zirconium etc.
  3.Aluminum---We apply pure aluminum, the surface is treated with anode oxidation technology, or the surface can be treated into frosted effect in silver or golden, the surface is wearable resistant and anti-corrosion.
  4.Zinc Alloy---We apply the best zinc ally, the surface is treated by diversified electroplating technology or coated.
  5.Diversified Non Metals---Non metals are widely used, including high grade wood, organic glass and stone etc. With fine grinding, the surface is also used with latest surface anti-bacteria materials.

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